When it comes to learning how to boost your  confidence around women get ready
to do learn new behaviors that will stretch you in new ways. It will pay off for women
are very much attracted to men who are confident. Here is a surefire list of some confidence boosters that you can start working on right away.

Overcome Shyness

If you have always been assisted by a posse of friends when you were out in the field to find women to date, you need to re-evaluate. You need to go out on your own and start taking chances. It is only by taking chances that you will truly acquire the tools to date and attract women.

You can’t be other dependent. After taking chances of approaching women on your own you will have some success and it is these small successes that will start building your confidence.

And be patient and easy on yourself for learning how to boost your confidence is not an overnight phenomena.

Get Ready for Rejection
You have to be realistic and get your ego out of the way. The realty is that this is risk taking and you may get rejected by women. I am sure even the most famous of “super stars” we see on television with the beautiful wife or girlfriend has also survived rejection. It is a fact of life so you will have to grow some thick skin so to speak.

Now you can approach this rejection and play victim and wallow in sorrow and think you are a loser or you can look at this objectionaly and realize a no from a woman is a great way to build your confidence. And not all women will say no. It is no indication this is your fate. Dating and meeting women is a numbers game so keep on trying.

Keep Your Chin Up & Stay Focused on the Positive
You will have many chances to meet and date women. Do not let any past experience  of rejection no matter how “traumatic” it may have felt at the time to paint your world with fear.
You are the master of  your self  and you must stay focused on your desire to learn how to build your confidence around women. You will get to the point where men will be jealous of you with the ease you can meet women.

Got Humor?
If you don’t have a sense of humor your chances of having success with women and building your confidence has diminished many fold. If you can turn conversation into a laugh filled evening your confidence will skyrocket. I am not talking about doing one liners like the famous Rodney Dangerfield or doing outrageous comedy in the likes of a Robin Williams but learning how to be free to be  yourself and put a comic twist  to your conversation.

Women truly love men who can make them laugh because that makes them feel good. Women will be more willing to talk with you and  more willing to spend more time with you.  Most people enjoy the company of people who get them laughing.

You can read up on jokes or better yet take an improvisation class that will teach you how to be spontaneous and put a comic spin on different situations.

Look Your Best

That doesn’t mean going under the knife and having major reconstructive surgery. Simple steps can make you more of eye candy that attracts and captivates women.  Regular hair grooming rather than the I just woke up disheveled look is simple but effective.

Wearing stylish clothes that look best on your body type and fit your personality as well as clean and ironed clothes. I know this all seems elementary but sometimes men  let these simple things slide and end up turning women off and that is no way to develop confidence with women.

And don’t forget to trim those nails. When you see women to start looking more attracted to you
you know you are on the right track.

Mother Was Right-Sit up Straight

Good posture means good possibilities. There is inherent meaning in different body postures and good straight spine exudes confidence. Slouching and curved spine is almost like a cocoon in which we try to hide ourselves out of fear and we are moving away from our strength. Stand up straight  and you will come off as more respectable, determined and present. More women will start taking  notice of you.

You need to practice confidence building in all situations on a regular basis. You will meet challenges but when you master how to boost confidence around women it will a piece of cake to meet attractive women, get more dates and possibly find the woman who have always dreamed of.

Conquer confidence and a whole new world of possibilities opens up and not only in meeting women but in all areas of your life.

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