Want to Attract Cougar Women?

A popular topic these days is the rise of the cougar.  No, this does not mean that society is being overrun with wild cats, but the term referring to older women dating younger men. Learning  how to attract cougar women is on the rise.

While in previous generations, it was not uncommon at all for men to date women significantly younger than them, women usually did not do this.

Recently though, the taboo nature has been eroding away, and more men are wondering how to go about meeting and dating older women.

There is some sort of idea that for a younger male to attract an older woman, that they must do something dramatically different than whatever it takes to attract women their own age.  The below points on how to attract cougar women may dispel some of this thinking, and affirm some as well.

To start with, it does not matter if you are trying to attract cougar women, or girls your own age, confidence is key.  Very few women of any age will say that they are attracted to timid men who don’t seem to be comfortable in their own skin.  That means that you need to be happy being you, and get that part taken care of before you move onto anything else.

That leads us to your appearance.  If you look good, you usually feel good.  Likewise, if you feel good, you will often look good.  Owning a two thousand dollar suit will not ensure that you will look good unless you feel good wearing it.  That same thinking will lead to your appearance.

It also ties in with the first point we made.  You need to find a style that is upscale enough that you stand out a touch, but not to the point that you feel uncomfortable or ridiculous.

This ties back in with the first point, that you need to be confident all around, which includes your appearance.  This applies to your hair and whether you are in good shape as well, so assess your overall appearance and tidy up whatever needs it, and accentuate whatever warrants it.

Next up is how you actually act.  If you treat her like a mother figure, you aren’t likely to get far with many cougar women.  There is a big difference between being a respectful gentleman, and acting like a little boy who is intimidated by adults.

Remember that you are an adult, and that you are equals.  As such, you should not be looking to play games, or to act like the pompous blowhard that may do quite well with younger women or women his own age.

By the time a woman has reached the age she could be considered a cougar, she is likely done playing games.  So don’t play any.

To wrap this up, you should see that there is not much difference in the way that you would go about trying to attract cougar women compared to women your own age.

All of the normal factors that attract younger women apply to older women as well, and if you follow the above tips, you should be able to attract cougar women just like women your own age.

How to Seduce & Attract Cougar Women- A humorous video.

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