How to Attract Women Guidelines

Like everything else in life some people just seem to have a knack for certain things. Attracting women is another one of those things. Some men know how to attract women quit easily while other men seem to fail badly at it.
Why? I can only answer that the men who are doing it probably don’t even know what they are doing consciously until they tune in and pay attention.

Want to know “what do I need to do to attract women” or “what attracts women”?.

Here are the top  qualities from the responses of women.

When you go out aren’t you attracted to confident people? Confidence in a man is very attractive to women. I think it is because a woman feels safe with a man who is confident and it more likely a confident man would be more successful in life.

Women can sense the level of your confidence as soon as you approach them. If you are feeling nervous and do not look her in the eye while talking it will put her off immediately.

If you are shy, or very unsure of yourself this may turn a woman off or look at it as  a trait that would  not attract a woman.

Body Language
A good body language tip is called for here. By having direct but not glaring eye contact with a woman, you will be sending a message of ” I know who I am and I am connecting with you with, I have nothing to hide”.

And don’t be showing nerves by fidgeting and moving around like a ant with ADD on caffeine. Just stay relaxed and calm.

Sense of Humor
Sense of humor is great and if you are able to make women laugh that is even better. It is not about cracking jokes but having the ability to bring light to any situation.

A sense of humor is very endearing and a very powerful woman attractor. Stand in a room full of single woman, be confident,and have a sense of humor and I think you are in for many dates.

Your humor should flow naturally into the conversation without being too vulgar or sarcastic.

Humor makes women comfortable and puts them at ease. When a woman is comfortable she is more apt to open up and connect more with you.

It should not look like you are deliberately trying to make an attempt at humor or trying to deliver a joke.

Your humor should flow naturally into the conversation without being too vulgar or sarcastic.

To sum up so far we see that there are certain consistent traits in men that attract women, irrespective of place or culture.

Masculine charm
Masculine charm with a little roughness thrown in, can work wonders in attracting women. If you are being the good boy and oozing with sweetness, she is going to become suspicious and feel you have some ulterior motive.

If you want to arouse her passions be a little rough but in a clean way. Work on your body language and the way you talk and carry yourself.

Be Adventurous

Women are generally not attracted to the average Joe. Portray yourself to be a carefree and adventurous person, who wants to explore various things in life.

At the same time do not reveal too much about yourself as women also like a certain amount of mystery surrounding their men.

You can also play a little of the hard-to-get type of guy who is not floored whenever he sees an attractive woman. When you act cool in front of other beauties, in her presence, it gives the impression that you have quite a few options, and that brings about a spirit of competitiveness in her, attracting her more to you.

To sum things up if  you want to attract women and have more dates and find love and romance pay attention to this characteristics.

These are confidence, a sense of humor, a masculine charm and style, a spirit of adventure.

If you lacking in any of these areas you should get working on them immediately. You will start to see all kinds of women will be attracted to, when you follow the steps of how to attract women.

And don’t blame me if you little black book is filled with dates.


How to Attract Women Tips


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