How to Become an Alpha Male

In the modern world more and more beta males want to learn how to become an alpha male. That’s because the alpha male is the man women are attracted to and men are seeing that the  old ways of meeting women have changed. They aren’t as effective as they used to be.

The beta male has many challenges because if you don’t stand out or show your strengths in a mass crowd of beautiful and attractive women or seem superior in  any way, your chances are almost nil to attract women.

When you enter the ‘men’s  club” of “alphaness” ( I made that word up) it makes meeting women and getting dates much easier and the alpha men are going to have respect for you.

You will need to have admirable and exceptional qualities. The following are some tips on how to move up in the world of success with women and get how to become an alpha male.

Got Confidence?
If you do not have confidence, you need to work on it and strut your stuff.  On the woman “attractionator  meter” this is at the top of the list. Confidence is very appealing to women and they are attracted to this quality like bees are attracted to honey.

Good old body language tips can help here such as stand up straight and don’t have your hands fidgeting in your pockets jingling change or trying to cover up nervousness.  Sitting down? Own the chair like a throne and drape your arms over the chair or sofa and don’t cross your legs.

Don’t forget the power  of eye contact.
Keep eyes relaxed and don’t stare at your potential date as if your eyes were daggers. Easy on the eyes. This shows a woman you are interested in being with her.

The Humor Factor
If you want to know how to become an alpha male, having a sense of humor and being humorous is another key factor girls are looking for. If you can get a woman laughing out loud by your keen sense of fun and humor you have won your way to a woman’s heart.

And double points if you can take a potentially boring or mundane topic and transform it into a funny or interesting topic. Romance and great conversation will definitely be in the cards for you  if you learn the art of  humor.

Fly Solo
If you want to be an alpha male you have to leave your best friends at home if you are used to having them with you when looking to meet women. Women like it, whether they are alone or with their gal pals to talk to one man rather than a group.

They feel comfortable and things feel more private. It may get some used to, but once you can go out alone not only will you gain more confidence but it ups your alpha male points.

Got energy?
If you are on low energy when with a woman it can bring the whole energy of the evening down. You need to pump up your energy to keep up your alpha image. Although energy and vigor can be challenging to keep up, woman are attracted to this quality. And the more attraction factors the more confidence you gain when women are flocking to be with you.

Start some goal planning.
Start now to implement these starter tips on how to become an alpha male. Like everything else, if you weren’t born with it you can learn it. Practice is the way to go.

The more you practice the more natural it becomes and the more reinforced it becomes when you start seeing results. When you learn how to become an alpha male you will start attracting more women into your life as this new alpha male and will see those  results you were looking for.


How to Become an Alpha Male Tactics in Action


 How to Become an Alpha Male


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