How to Talk to Women

There are a lot of things behind being able to talk to women, but it’s definitely not about cheesy pick-up lines or creepy proclamations of your undying love to a perfect stranger. It’s important to look at yourself objectively, from the perspective of the kind of woman you want to date. What would she look for in a guy, and how can you match what would attract her? Here are five tips for how to talk to women:

Have an interesting life

You know how people sometimes say, “Get a life”? Well, believe it or not, this is invaluable advice. After all, who wants to hang out with someone who has no interests, no hobbies, no career, no skills, and no aspirations? If you hate your own life, you can’t expect someone else to be interested in it––or you. Once you have an interesting life, then you’ll have an easier time knowing how to talk to women, because you will have engaging stuff in your own life to talk about!

Be a good conversationalist

Even the most interesting life won’t get you out of knowing how to hold your end of a conversation. If you wait for a girl who knows how to talk so that you don’t have to, you’ve given her all the power and you can guarantee you’ll be hearing her talk a lot! Being able to engage in small talk and chat with people will make you more confident and comfortable, so if you don’t quite know how to talk to women yet, start by practicing the art of conversation with anyone who will indulge you.


Possess Inner Confidence

Easier said than done, but people who just know they’re worth something are inspiring, fun to talk to, and best of all, highly attractive. It’s hard to teach confidence, but think of it this way: you learned to tie your shoes, and now you can do it every day without thinking and without worrying about it. The more you practice how to talk to women, the better you’ll be at it, and the more confident and comfortable you’ll feel. The key to talking to women is practice, trial and error, learning from your mistakes, and more practice.


Use your sense of humor

If you don’t have a sense of humor, get one. It’s just not fun to be around people who can’t take a joke, and even worse when you’re around someone who thinks their jokes are funny when they’re not. Everyone loves humor, and you should incorporate teasing and wisecracks into your everyday interactions until your sense of humor is second nature. Then, when you’re on a date with an attractive woman, instead of worrying about what to say, you can relax and be your funny and confident self.

Take control of your body language

Body language says a lot about who you are, and if you aren’t aware of it, you are missing out on one of the most powerful ways for how to talk to women. Your posture, your eye contact, your smile, your touch, your voice, all make up a significant part of how women picture you and remember you. Teach yourself to sit up straight, to make eye contact with people, to smile in a friendly manner, and to slow down your speech a bit. A slow, deeper voice communicates confidence, while a faster, high-pitched voice conveys nervousness. Keep this in mind when you try to talk to women.

All of these tips on how to talk to women will improve your interactions, but only if you get out there and put them to the test. Be interesting, funny, confident, and engaging, and you’ll find more women wanting to get to know you better.



How to Talk to Women


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