Every male, at some point in his life has gotten into a conversation with a woman, and walked away wondering what the heck just went on.  It seems that at times, men and women have absolutely nothing in common with the way they communicate with one another.

And when we go to ask for advice from someone, usually our Dads when we are young, the response is usually that you will never figure out how to understand women.  This may sound funny, but a good and meaningful relationship is not predicated on giving up when it comes to communicating.

That does not mean that men need to quite being men, and that they need to get in touch with their feelings in ways they’re not used to, but understanding where a woman may be coming from will make everyone’s life and relationship a little better.

So, the first way for a man to understand women, and understand where they are coming from is to ask.  You may not want to do that with your current girlfriend or wife, but other women that you are close to.  These can be your sisters, cousins, and other relatives that you are comfortable asking some questions of.

Since most women understand where another is coming from, they can likely tell you what she may be thinking.  Sometimes they will not be able to, but just asking questions of women, and listening to what they have to say about another woman can be quite telling and open up a wealth of information for you.

The next way to help any man to understand women better is to actually listen.  You always hear the saying that someone is hearing, but not really listening, which can be confusing enough.

As an example, if someone goes to a male and talks about their co-worker with the horrible attitude who is such a backstabber, the man usually thinks of ways to handle this person and put a stop to the nonsense.  A woman though, may be thinking about the feelings of whoever is telling them the story, as well as the thinking of that terrible co-worker.

This is not a universal truth, but the example serves as an example of some stereotypical, but often true, differences in thinking.

And the final, and perhaps most important way that men can help themselves to understand women is to get a little perspective.  Men and women both deal with hardships in life.

Some men feel inadequate because of jobs or other issues, and women often have similar issues, but for different reasons.  If you listen to what is bothering her or has become a problem, as well as why this is so, you will begin to get an idea of how she is thinking on a particular issue.

Let’s wrap this up by pointing out that these points are all general, and that even once you “get it”, you may not be fully able to understand women, because human psychology and interactions are not that simple.

However, if you put a little work in, while still maintaining your identity, you will be realize a healthier and more worthwhile relationship than most other men out there who just give up.

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