Where To Meet Women

Many men feel it is challenging to find other places besides bars, parties, shopping malls or being set up by friends to meet women. At many of the common venues the attractive girls have been approached and hit upon so many times already so unless you are great at talking to women they will not be very responsive. And women like hanging out with their “clique of girl friends, therefore making it challenging to start a conversation. Here are some fun places and ideas where to meet women.

Gyms and Fitness Classes

If you aren’t working out you may want to start. Your local gym is a great natural place where to meet women. And besides, looking good and being in shape is a great plus when it comes to attracting women.

Women like men who take care of themselves and care about how they look. It also shows a woman that a man is consistent and reliable when he shows up weekly or daily for classes.

It will become so much easier for a guy to strike up a conversation see the same woman over a period of time as she comes back to fitness classes. If you stay consistent and start
getting in great shape you may see a lot of womens heads turning your way. Women may start coming over to you.

Dance Classes
Many years ago a guy, atleast a straight guy, might have thought twice or three times about learning the art of dance.  But if you want to meet women, get your 2 left feet moving.

The popular US show Dancing with the Stars has made dancing for men very acceptable as the world can see it takes strength and discipline and is challenging. And most women love to dance, and women like guys who dance.
When you are in a dance class you get to partner up with different women. How easy is this to meet women.? You get to be close to various attractive women during the class. you get a chance to develop your confidence and have a fun time all at the same time.
And not to worry you don’t have to dance like Fred Astaire. Then when you learn how to dance you will have no problem asking women to dance in others social situations thus giving you more possibilities to meet women.

Dancing is a great way to express your personality and a great way to socialize. When it comes to the question where to meet women, a dance class is a really great option.

Be a Volunteer
If you want to know where to meet women that doesn’t even cost you a dime, volunteering is a great way.  Just think about a cause that is important to you or something you feel real strongly about.

Of course the focus is not on meeting women but on doing something that will brings you joy while helping others.

And if you do meet a woman that is the icing on the cake.  You don’t want to volunteer so you can cruise for women and not care anything about  or have no passion for the the cause. A woman will be turned off by that.

She will like a man who cares about the same thing she does.  This common thread gives you something to talk about and usually you will be involved in some activity.

This way you don’t have to approach a woman and avoid any awkwardness of not having anything to really say to her. You also have the option to focus back on the task until more conversation occurs.

Online Personals

If you want to know where to meet women who are single , attractive and looking you always have the internet. There are many different dating sites with women who are serious about meeting single men.

There are also now many niche sites like Christian Dating, Jewish Dating, Black Singles etc if you choose that.

Of course there are many people on and much competition but you get a chance to practice talking to women in an easy no pressure environment.

There will be women who will want to contact  you and that can only boost  your confidence.

If you are honest and sincere women will get to learn about you and your personality to see if there is an attraction. And you can chat before seeing what a woman actually looks like and get to know her first. She will like if you are attracted to her for her personality and not body.


These are just a few ideas on where to meet women.  Now there is just one more thing. You need to actually get out there and start meeting the single women looking to meet men like you.  So get on moving!

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